The Instructor Course for the Effective Student™ Curriculum


Begin teaching the Effective Student Curriculum in your classroom. Executive Functions are key to higher grades, better students, and better professionals.


  • Comprehensive instructional resources addressing the executive function skills needed to be a successful student.
  • Includes exercises to build to academic management skills and executive functions soft skills.
  • Why these skills are important and how to deliver instruction in only 15 minutes per week

Materials include:

  • Instructional videos for teachers & coaches.
  • Instructional videos for use with students.
  • Teaching resources for each unit including lesson overviews, lesson plans, student exercises and grading rubrics, pacing guides specific to study skills and content level classes.
  • Student materials for each unit.
  • Parent handouts for each unit.
  • Measurable skills for students to build on year after year.

Units include:

  • Introduction to executive functions
  • Organization of materials hard copy and online
  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Improving Test Performance

Each Unit includes lessons plans with mini-lessons that take only 15 minutes per week for use in the classroom. Participants have the opportunity to work toward Effective Student Method Certification at a level 1 at the end of the instructor course.

Begin Teaching Executive Functions Now!


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