Instructor Course for the Effective Student™ Curriculum & Webinar Support Subscription

$494.10 one time, and
$270.00 / year

The Instructor Course for the Effective Student™ Curriculum

Begin teaching the Effective Student Curriculum in your classroom. Executive Functions are key to higher grades, better students, and better professionals.


  • Comprehensive instructional resources addressing the executive function skills needed to be a successful student.
  • Includes exercises to build to academic management skills and executive functions soft skills.
  • Why these skills are important and how to deliver instruction in only 15 minutes per week

Materials include:

  • Instructional videos for teachers & coaches.
  • Instructional videos for use with students.
  • Teaching resources for each unit including lesson overviews, lesson plans, student exercises and grading rubrics, pacing guides specific to study skills and content level classes.
  • Student materials for each unit.
  • Parent handouts for each unit.
  • Measurable skills for students to build on year after year.

Units include:

  • Introduction to executive functions
  • Organization of materials hard copy and online
  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Improving Test Performance

Each Unit includes lessons plans with mini-lessons that take only 15 minutes per week for use in the classroom. Participants have the opportunity to work toward Effective Student Method Certification at a level 1 at the end of the instructor course.

Begin Teaching Executive Functions Now!


Webinar Support for the Effective Student Course & Curriculum

Sign up for semi-monthly webinar sessions to answer questions and to receive specific strategies and examples of curriculum implementation in the classroom and coaching settings.  Webinars are held twice per month,  August through May.

Private consulting is available upon request.

$270.00 / year




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